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            Lafayette Cosmetology School


            833 Ferry Street

            Lafayette, IN 47901

            Enrollments 888.616.9051

            Salon Appointments 765.742.0068

            Our beauty school located at 833 Ferry Street in downtown Lafayette is an easy commute from Delphi, Monticello and other local communities just a few miles west of Interstate 65. Its close proximity to Purdue University also adds to the positive learning atmosphere found throughout the area.

            The Lafayette beauty school is a product of the 2013 merger between Tricoci University of Beauty Culture and Lafayette Beauty Academy (LBA). For almost 50 years, the Lafayette cosmetology school and its graduates have been highly sought after by salons and spas for their skills, professionalism and attitude. Today, we carry that reputation forward and are once again raising the bar.

            If you’re looking for cosmetology schools in Indiana or a program in Cosmetology, Esthetics, Nail Technology/Manicuring, or Instructor Training, we encourage you to visit our campus and see our facilities for yourself.

            Interested in taking a tour of our Lafayette campus? You can either apply online or call us to schedule an appointment at 888.616.9051.


            Full-Time 12 Months

            Part-Time 20 Months

            The most current, technically precise and versatile education available in the cosmetology training field today. Learn to become a Hairdresser, Hair Colorist, Cosmetologist, Stylist, Nail Technician, Make-up Artist, or Esthetician.


            Full-Time 6 Months

            Part-Time 9 Months

            Our curriculum focuses on creating a secure foundation of the scientific building blocks for skin: its function, properties and needs. Learn to become a Facialist, Waxing Specialist, Body Treatment Specialist, Medi-Spa Esthetician, or Make-up Artist.


            Part-Time Day Classes

            A robust curriculum that includes advanced sterilization, advanced nail treatment techniques, and extensive personal and business training. Learn Sanitation, Anatomy, Statute and Rules, Manicuring, Pedicuring, Chemistry, Salesmanship and State Laws.

            Beauty History in Lafayette, IN

            Lafayette has been 10分11选5 to two Miss Indiana beauty pageant winners. Nicole Pollard won the title in 2009 and Tangra Riggle of West Lafayette won the title in 2002. Both placed in the top 15 when they went on to compete for the Miss America crown.

            West Lafayette’s Purdue University has made many exciting discoveries about beauty chemistry. This has included research to help us better understand natural products, hair heat damage, beauty product adhesives and more.

            Former Lafayette resident Axl Rose has become a hair icon. As the frontman for Guns ‘N Roses, his wild hairstyle contributed to the group’s status as an ‘80s hair band. In recent headlines, Rose’s more modest hairstyle also made headlines. The singer may have finally gotten over being kicked out of his 10分11选5 at 16 for refusing to cut his hair.

            Beauty Events in Lafayette, IN

            Attending the local fashion shows held in Lafayette can give beauty students a chance to become familiar with runway style. Look for local events such as the Art League Fashion Show and the Purdue Fashion Show, and many beauty professionals also attend Indiana Fashion Week in Indianapolis.

            Local beauty pageants are a chance to see special event hair and makeup in action. Mark your calendars to attend pageants for Miss Purdue and Tippecanoe County 4-H Fair Queen.

            Bridal events are another chance for beauty professionals to connect with potential clients and learn what’s happening in the beauty industry. Look for Lafayette events such as The Elegant Bridal Expo or the Classie Bridal Show.

            Instructor TRAINING

            Part-Time Day Classes

            This 3 day per week schedule allows our students to continue to “earn while they learn” to be a teacher. Learn to become a Cosmetology Instructor, Cosmetology Instructor with Experience*, or Esthetics Instructor.

            Financial Assistance

            Federal student aid programs (i.e. Title IV) are available for students who qualify. A TUBC Financial Aid Coordinator can assist students with these programs and other financial assistance options to make Tricoci University as affordable as possible. Please call 888.616.9051 for more information about financial assistance programs.

            Tuition and Kit costs by program

            For more information on this campus and its programs, please visit our Consumer Information section.

            GUEST SERVICES

            Tricoci University student salons are a great way to experience high-level salon and spa services at very modest prices. Student salon guests can walk-in or call in advance for an appointment to enjoy these services—an appointment is highly recommended. For salon appointments, please call 765.742.0068.


            Monday 9:30am-4:00pm
            Tuesday 9:30am-4:00pm
            Wednesday Closed
            Thursday 9:30am-4:30pm
            Friday 9:30am-4:00pm
            Saturday 9:00am-2:00pm
            Sunday Closed

            NOTE: Not all services are available at all times. Hours may vary by program.

            New Classes starting april 20th

            Get started at Tricoci University with our limited online learning programs from 10分11选5 on any computer, tablet or mobile.