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            Student Catalog


            To view the Student Catalog, click on the links below to view the corresponding page or section. To view the Student Catalog, please click here.

            Page 4 SECTION 1: Mario Tricoci Welcome10分11选5 Letter
            Page 5 SECTION 2: Campus Locations and Program Offerings
            Page 9 SECTION 3: Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Overview

            Right to Modify Policies
            Our Mission
            Tricoci University of Beauty Culture Alternative Names
            Tricoci University of Beauty Culture’s Culture of Professional Excellence
            Tricoci University of Beauty Culture’s Founder, Ownership, Board, and Executive Team

            Licensure, Accreditation, and Professional Affiliations
            Wisconsin Surety Bond

            Page 12 SECTION 4: Admission to Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

            “Look Before You Enroll”
            Admission Requirements and Procedures
            Readmission Policy
            Transfer Policy
            Schedule of Tuition and Fees
            Cancellation, Withdrawal, and Settlement Policy

            Page 16 SECTION 5: Student Financing

            Federal Student Aid (Title IV) Programs
            Federal Title IV Financial Aid Programs – Expanded Description
            VA Education Benefits
            Loan Disclosures & Counseling
            Return of Title IV
            Return of VA Funds
            Federal Student Aid (FSA) Credit Balance
            Third Party Servicer
            Financial Obligation
            Credit for Previous Education and Training

            Page 21 SECTION 6: Completion and Graduation Requirements

            Completion Requirements
            Graduation Requirements

            Page 22 SECTION 7: Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy

            Attendance Progress
            Academic Progress
            Determination of Progress
            Satisfactory Progress
            Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility
            Miscellaneous SAP Topics

            Page 25 SECTION 8: Consumer Information

            Misrepresentation Statement
            Equal Opportunity Organization
            Campus and Individuals’ Health, Safety & Security Overview
            Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program
            Campus Security Overview
            Emergency School Closings
            Safeguarding Customer Information
            Professional Advising

            Page 29 SECTION 9: Campus and Program Information

            School Calendar and Other Important Dates
            Educational Facilities

            Student Clinic
            Field Trips
            Educational Materials
            Student Kits

            Internet Policy Use and Agreement
            Academic Honesty
            10分11选5 Infringement
            Academic Advising
            Career Planning
            Transcript Requests
            Physical Demands and Safety Requirements

            Page 33 SECTION 10: Campus Policies and Procedures

            General Guidelines
            Disciplinary Actions
            Termination of Enrollment
            Student Withdrawal Procedure
            Access to Student Education Records (FERPA) Policy
            Students with Disabilities Policy
            Grievance Policy Relating to Complaints of Disability Discrimination
            Sexual Misconduct Policy Overview
            Smoke-Free Environment Policy
            Weapons Policy
            Harassment and Bullying Policy
            Exam and Assignments Policy
            Make-Up Exam Policy
            Essentials Exams and Final Exam Policy
            Practical Progress Requirements
            Record of Hours
            Punctuality Standard
            Essentials Attendance Policy
            Attendance Policy
            Student Leave of Absence Policy
            Schedule Changes
            Make-Up Time Policy

            Behavior Expectations
            Dress Code Standards
            Grievance Policy

            Page 45 SECTION 11: Student Benefits

            Product Discounts
            Mario Tricoci Honor Roll
            Student Council
            TLC Team
            Style Squad
            Retail Team
            Beauty Buddy Program

            Page 46 SECTION 12: Educational Program Outlines & Curriculum

            General Approach for All Programs
            Cosmetology (1500 & 1550 hours) Programs
            Barber (1500 & 500 hours) Programs
            Esthetics (750 hours) and Aesthetics (600 hours) Programs
            Nail Technology (350 hours) and Manicuring (600 hours) Programs
            Cosmetology Teacher (1000 hours) Program
            Cosmetology Teacher (600 hours) Program
            Barber Teacher (1000 hours) Program
            Barber Teacher (600 hours) Program
            Esthetics Teacher (750 hours) Program
            Instructor Training (1000 hours) Program

            Student Catalog Addendum: School Calendar; Campus Administrative Staff and Faculty Listing; Program Schedule/ Program Costs; Institutional Aid; and other addendums as needed.


            Bridgeview 7350 W 87th Street
            Bridgeview, IL 60455
            Chicago NE (Rogers Park) 6458 N Sheridan Road
            Chicago, IL 60626
            Chicago NW (Near O’Hare) 5321 N Harlem Avenue
            Chicago, IL 60656
            Danville 2500 Georgetown Road
            Danville, IL 61832
            Elgin 264 S Randall Road
            Elgin, IL 60123
            Glendale Heights 530 E North Avenue
            Glendale Heights, IL 60139
            Libertyville 751 E Park Avenue
            Libertyville, IL 60048
            Peoria 602 W Glen Avenue
            Peoria, IL 61614
            Rockford 5485 E State Street
            Rockford, IL 61108
            Urbana 202 E University Avenue
            Urbana, IL 61801


            Bloomington 1681 N College Avenue
            Bloomington, IN 47404
            Highland 2549 Highway Avenue
            Highland, IN 46322
            Indianapolis NE (Fishers) 9725 Crosspoint Commons
            Indianapolis, IN 46256
            Lafayette 833 Ferry Street
            Lafayette, IN 47901


            Janesville 2310 W. Court Street
            Janesville, WI 46256


            New Classes starting april 20th

            Get started at Tricoci University with our limited online learning programs from 10分11选5 on any computer, tablet or mobile.